Interview with Martina Capkova

She is a national team player from the Czech republic, and quite a good one. Watch out for her at the next World Championship.
After the game Czech – Ukraine, I spoke to her about the match which ended 45-2.
1) What was the aim for the game, simple to score as many goals as possible?
Well, it was a bit unusual goal we had before the game. We wanted to show our respect to the opponent by playing our best all game long. It is never easy to play a game like this but the ukrainian girls were really amazing, playing their max until the very end trying to come in breakaway situations all the time. They were smiling after the game and i think they appreciated our professional attitude.
2) It must be hard to keep concentration through 60 min or?
Each player had only half of the game so it was a bit easier to only concentrate for 30 minutes. I was playing in the first group so we started the game and it went pretty well. We have all set some small individual goals (like trying direct shots, focusing on first touch, etc.) so we tried to focus on that.
3) What was you talking about in the breaks of the periods
It wasn’t much of a discussion during the periods. We just decided to keep up the attitude. It was still the morning game so there was not much of the talking 🙂
4) Did you know before the game what the world record was for biggest victory at international level
No, we were not talking about such things at all. As players, we have set our goals in the morning to make over 25 goals and we wanted every player to make a point at least. That was the way we motivated each other to try a bit harder .
5) Credit to Ukraine for keep fighting, if you should give them some kind words, what would it be
Well as I already said, it was a great effort from their side that we really appreciated. They made two goals and were thirsty to score even more, which is quite the opposite to Hungary for example. Against Hungary that was quite a boring game I must admit, have never seen a team playing so defensive in my entire life, so i have to give Ukraine all the credit. Thanks for coming and thanks for trying to make floorball big in their country even though the political situation is what it is.

6) A game like this, how was the feeling after the game
We were happy to win our group with no injuries or complications, heading back home. The only unhappy person was the guy from Czech TV channel who had to cut video of all the goals we scored. 🙂
7) With the new qualification system, the strong teams like yours, will play some easy matches. Where do see pro and cons in this
And as you say, the championship is coming and I think we have a lot of work ahead. We have a new assistant coach who has brought a lot of new things and we started the last period of our preparations. There is still a huge potential that we can work with so it’s only up to us if we use it or not

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