Nicolai Kluger

Well who is Nicoali Kluger, and what is this about.

He is an important man in the world of floorball, and you should follow him on twitter, he has many good thought about floorball, and I of course follow him.

He contacted me and asked if I would like to publish an interview with one of the most influent persons in the world of floorball. So next article on this site, will be with this person.

It was done in France, but Nicolas Kluger thought it could be good to have it in English as well, so he translated it, and thanks for this.

But also, I asked if he would care to answer som questions about himself.

Who is Nicolas Kluger?
I am a 36 yo french living in Finland since 2011, i have Finnish roots as my mother is from Karelia, in Easter Finland. I work as a dermatologist in Helsinki.
When was you introduced to floorball?
I discovered floorball for the first time through my girlfriend, who had been playing for over 15 years, when attending a “divari” game (the 2nd national division, under the elite liiga). Meanwhile, i was first playing in a baseball team based in Espoo, and during the winter break, we practiced floorball for trainings. I realized quickly that i prefered better floorball than baseball 
I have been playing for 4 years now as goalkeeper and i play in a 2 division team called Hakunila Pirates in the suburb of Helsinki.
How does The finnish players talk about floorball in France?
Most of the time they just dont speak about it, because very few Finnish players know about floorball in France. It is like a big mystery. However, i manage to make two teams to go to some summer tournaments in France (in Tourcoing and in Orléans) and all the finns who went really enjoyed the atmosphere and playing, despite the level.
What is The situation with floorball and France, you are quite good at other teamsports?
Floorball is just starting to develop. The federation was founded in 2003 so less than 15 years. The main issues are also the structures to host the games, the finance and also the geography. France have now 2 divisions and only one real regional division in Pays de la Loire; but otherwise the distances are big between cities which makes impossible to organize games every week.
Besides, we have 6 women teams this season. The positive aspect is that, for the past years, juniors teams are developing very fast in a lot of teams. However, France is not by tradition a stick sport and it is difficult to compete with the other ball sports such as football, basket ball, hand ball or volley ball.  
Floorball and Twitter is in my opinion the way forward, do you agree?
Indeed, twitter is a powerful tool, especially to make links with websites and blogs. However, it is important to keep the messages in both languages (your own, french, Finnish, swedish etc but also in english). In this aspect, i was happy to see that little by little the twitter account of the french floorball federation or of the salibandyliiga was using more and more english in their tweets…
What is your best floorballmemory
My best floorball memory is also my worse nightmare. I had the chance to play for France against England last november 2014, however the (half)game i played did not go as planned and was terrible for me. Still it is always a great experience to defend the colors of your country, even for a short period…
And the interview with the influent person will follow later
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