How about the second best teams?

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23/09/2015 by Steen Houman

Champions cup is soon ready with some of the best club teams in the world of floorball.

For the level below, IFF have the European cup, but the Challenge with the European cup is that only few teams participate.

Maybe Its time to look for another structure?

Would it make sense to organize more regional European Club tournaments?

This in order to try to decrease the cost for participating, but also maling it easier for fans to be part of the tournament.

Regional tournaments should also be with teams at almost same level If possible.

I could see this structure work, but the best idea would be to ask The IFF nation ranked from 5 and Down, what they would like to happen, in order to make it a succes!

I believe more regionals clubtournaments would work, and yes it would mean more Winners of a European clubtournaments.

Hopefully, floorball will keep growing, and for the clubteams outside The Big 4 IFF Nations, there should be something, who would work for them

IMG_1656floorball dommere texfloorball DM pokalIMG_2943

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