IFF and how the world looks

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23/08/2015 by Steen Houman

Floorball is about the Big4, though the rest of the world are heading in the right direction! if we look of total number of players

If we take a looke at those federations with less than 1000 players
iff below 1000

Thats 36 federations out of 57, or almost 2/3 of all members from IFF that are very small.

If we look at the nations fra 1000 players and up to the big 4, the picture goes like this

iff 1000 and up to big4

If we then look at the Top 20 nations

iff top 20

For IFF, there are two aims, first to increase the number of players, and make the sport a global sport.

IFF have produced a lot of materials for free and many guides in order to help, and IFF also works for having a lot of seminars around the world, and they are quite busy, though they are few people working for the federation.

The good question
What to do, in order to get more players, any good idea…contact IFF office.

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