IFF on an important mission

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26/07/2015 by Steen Houman

IFF president Tomas Eriksson is at the moment in Los Angeles, invited by Special Olympics.

Special Olympics are having their Summer Games and the numbers are
25 sports
7000 athletes
177 countries

With IFF close to 60 member nations, Special Olympics are a very interessting partner.

Both organisations have signed a protocol in order to cooperate to promote floorball globally.

For both, its a win win situation.

Special Olympics have an ambition to have closer relations between SO athletes and other athletes. In the floorballworld this is already taking place in may IFF nations.

For IFF, with special Olympics in almost 200 nations worldwide, its very easy to see why Tomas Eriksson is doing his lobby work at the games.

Its about to meet the right people and see if floorball can be introduced in other regions than Europe!
Both SO and IFF are working together with floorballseminars, and together the ambition is to promote floorball, in order to make the sport growth in both organisations.

If you wonder how big Special Olympics are, then take a look at this numbers


So good luck to IFF president Tomas Eriksson

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