#Floorball, U19 World Championship…time for change?

Soon its time for U19 world Championship for men.

The format has been:
A-division 8 teams
B-divisions 8 teams

With Sweden, Finland, Schwitzerland og Czech being at another level, I believe it would wise to consider a new format, in order to have the best teams more close matches, and also more close matches for the teams ranked from 7 and below.

A new format could be

A-division: 6 teams
B-division: 16 teams

One group with all teams, but each team gets 3 matches. The teams are ranked in 3 groups 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6. Each team will play a game against a team from each pot.

After 3 games, the best four teams will play traditional semifinals, and number 5-6 will play a match to decide who wil be relegated
This will give the 6 best teams in the world much closer matches and the system will also put pressure on the teams, beacuse you can not afford any bad results.

16 teams gets the chance to come to the World championship, in Europe 10 teams participated for qualifications, with two teams going to the World Championship.
Each good for development to have more close matches.

The playing system will be 4 groups, and you can have two formats.
Either top of each group (1-4) plays semifinals and etc.
Or you could have top two of each group (1-8) playing quarterfinals etc.

The same system will be used for teams ranked 3-4 in the group.

Winner of B-division will be promoted
Top 5 would be qualified for next World championship.
11 teams would have to qualify

For and against
There are for and against this proposal, but I believe its important that the top 4(6) teams have more close matches and especially top 4 are on another level than the rest.
For the teams ranked especially 7 to 12, it would give them more close matches, and it would develop them much more.

The big 4, its not that important to develop them, for the future of the sports, we need to develop especially those nations who are ranked from 7 and down.

div 036

Example Playing system A-division

1-2 3-4 5-6 Round 1
1-3 2-6 4-5 Round 2
1-5 3-6 2-4 Round 3

Number refering to placement at last world championship.

After 3 games you have a table, and number 1-4 from the Table meets in semi1, and 2-3 from the table meets in semi2

How would i look for the 2015 U19 world championship?

A-Divison group games.

Round 1 Sweden-Schwitzerland Finland-Czech Norway-Latvia
Round 2 Sweden-Finland Schwitzerland-Latvia Czech-Norway
Round 3 Sweden-Norway Finland-Latvia Schwitzerland-Czech


If you make the groups after IFF ranking, it would goes like this

Slovakia Denmark Poland Germany
Japan Canada Hungary Estonia
Slovenia Australia Italy Spain
Belgium Austria Holland England

The good question is how many places each region should have.

Another good question would be, are the difference between the top teams ranked 1-4 and the teams ranked 9-16 to high?

Would it give to many ‘easy’ matches?

On the other hand, the top 4 teams, will play semifinales, and have two tight games there.

The question remains, is ot the right system for U19 world Championship?


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