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  1. Is floorball Finish in Germany?


    05/10/2015 by Steen Houman

    I was noticed abouth this posts regarding the best floorballleague in Germany. Quite interessting read about the scandinavian players

  2. Floorball heading the right direction

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    22/08/2015 by Steen Houman

    The Big 4. Sweden, Finland, Czech and Schwitzerland are the big 4.

  3. #Floorball, U19 World Championship…time for change?

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    09/02/2015 by Steen Houman

    Soon its time for U19 world Championship for men.

  4. #Floorball, forskel på svensk og finsk Floorball

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    22/09/2014 by Steen Houman

    Interessant artikel om forskel på de to ligaer, den kan du


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