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03/11/2014 by Steen Houman

Burnleys manager Sean Dyche er ret interessant. Han er måske den manager i Premier League der sidder mest sikkert på jobbet, trods en bundplacering og en nok kommende nedrykning.

Burnley har en klar plan for deres fodbold, og manageren har også et ganske godt bud på talentudvikling.

Det kan sagtens bruges i floorball:

educating parents – and stopping them bawling and shouting on the sidelines – would be the biggest help to developing talent.

“You see lot of them going mental on the sidelines because they are losing an Under-6 match,” he said. “I am amazed what I see at youth level.

“You wouldn’t scream at your kids if they were learning to play the piano. Or learning to read. My kid is 11 and I don’t pretend to be a perfect parent but I have never screamed at him.

“Parents need to step away and keep quiet. Kids want to win. I am not a model parent but I don’t scream at my kid. Let them learn.”

floorball hørsholm børn


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