Number of spectators

In december two major tournaments is played. The world floorball championship for men and the european handball championship for women.

Floorball is a new sport on the rise, while handball is an estblished sport.

Sports do compare each other, and also for a sport in order to sell it self, its important to benchmark the sport, compared with other sports.

This tournament will be interessting from a floorball points of view. Will the sport for the first time surpass a handball tournament?

Its estimated that around 130-140.000 tickets will be sold for the world championship in floorball.

If floorball surpass, then next step will be to compare with the men world championship in handball.

The last championship was held in France in 2017, and had in total 553.000 spectators in total with an average of 6.593 for each match. The number for the last world championship in floorball was an average of 1.773 for each game

  Floorball World Championship men Handball Europena Championship women
2018 ? (Czech) ? (France)
2016 85.000 (Latvia) 148.000 (Sweden)
2014 104.000 (Sweden) 122.000 (Hungary and Croatia)
2012 75.000 (Switzerland) 122.000 (Serbia)
2010 Na (Finland) 215.000 (Denmark and Norway)

In brackets the host of the tournament

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