Qualification model for WFC

New model for qualification for World championship in Europe?

Its not an easy task to make a perfect model for Qualification, there is a big gap between the best teams in the world, and the rest.
To create more even matches, in order to develop the sport and the players, is what this model will look into.

Its not the most transparent, but it will give more even matches, the example below is based on how it would have been for the WFCQ for 2018.

There are 5 international weekends, and the qualification will be over 4 weekends, but not all team would be involved in all weekends.

Week 1
Teams ranked from 21 and below, will start as follow

Great Britain

Number 1-2 will qualify for next stage (Hungary and Great Britain)

Week 2
is separated by two events

Event 1

Number 1-3 will qualify for WFC (Finland, Sweden, Switzerland)
Number 4 will qualify for next stage (Denmark)

Group 1             Group 2
Italy                    Serbia
Belgium             Slovenia
Netherland      France
Hungary            Great Britain
With Hungary and Great Britain qualified from week 1

Number 1-2 from each group will qualify for next stage (Italy, Serbia, Italy, Serbia)

Week 3
Group1              Group2
Denmark          Norway
Germany          Latvia
Estonia              Slovakia
Russia                Poland
Spain                  Austria

Top 2 from each group will qualify for WFC (Denmark, Norway, Germany and Latvia)
Number 3-5 from each group will qualify for next stage (Estonia, Slovakia, Russia, Poland, Spain and Austria)

Week 4
The last 3 team will qualify

Group 1             Group2              Group3
Estonia              Slovakia             Poland
Austria               Spain                  Russia
Italy                    Serbia                Slovenia

The winner of each group will qualify for WFC (Estonia, Slovakia and Poland)

Many matches where teams should meet teams at similar level.

Its not transparent
It might be a financial burden for some countries, could money be better used on

promotion of the sport in those countries, rather than on the national team.


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