A rising German floorballstar

She impressed a lot during the games against Denmark and Poland i the weekend, and being such a young player, I asked her a few questions.

Though she is only 18 years old, she has already 27 caps for Germany with 14+4. At the U19 nationalteam she have 9 caps and made 12+6. Not bad.

In the game in the weekend, she was the best player on the court against Denmark, and Denmark needs to look up for her at the upcoming WFC in Finland in less than a month.

It could look like Germany and Denmark will face each other in a game, where the winner will go through to the quarterfinals.

A few danish player, have taken the chance and moved to Sweden in order to develop their floorballgame.

Randi Kleerbaum have done the same, though she is playing in Finland, which have developed her a lot.

Hello Randi Kleerbaum, how did you see the two games against Denmark and Poland?
The two games were a good preparation for the WFC because These two Teams are possible opponents. Furthermore they Play nearly on the same Level than Germany, Poland was 7th last WFC and we 8th.

Who is the floorballplayer Randi Kleerbaum?
am 18 years old and Play since 2006 Fllorball. I started in Bonn, and now I am playing in Finland in Turku.

Where do you see your strengths as a floorballplayer?
Playing in Finland has helped me very much because you have to Play faster, make faster decisions. You have to use your Body much more and the games are much harder but since I am in Finland, I learned to Play more intesive

The world floorball championship is coming up, how do you see the chance for Germany?
For the championsship we want to be again one of the best eight Teams. The Group games will be very hard, especially against Sweden and the Czeck Republic. The important games will come after this, and I think it will depend on our opponents and of course if we have a good day and Play the best we can.

Floorball in Germany is growing, how do you see the future, will Germany have more players than Sweden one day?
I think floorbal is growing very fast in Germany and it gets more and more popular, but it is still a Long way before we will have as much Players as Sweden. There are other sports like Football which are so popular and get much more Support like Money and practise opportunities.

Which 3 danish players impressed you?
I can’t say which three Players impressed me the most because I saw them as a Team.In a national Team, everyone is there because she can Play and is one of the best 20 Players of her Country. So ist very hard to say which one impressed me most.

How did you manage to go to Finland and play?
My coach saw me playing in germany, offered me a place in his team and asked me if I am interested to come to Finland. Because I finished school this year and didn’t know exactly what to do, I agreed because I liked the idea of having one year abroad where I can play floorball in a very good team. I’m not yet studying, I’m doing an internship in a german kindergarten where I work during the week.

Together with the German Team????????????????????????????????????

Photo: IFF

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