#Floorball, 300.000 players for the first time…Great news but… #Iff @floorball_dk #innebandy

IFF just announced that Floorball have 300.000 players Worldwide for the first time.

First of all, this is Great news that the sport is growing.

But it also shows challenge, for around 80% of all players are from 4 nations.
Sweden, Schwiterland, Finland and the Czech republic.

The rest of the IFF countries needs to work hard on recrutment of younger players.
More clubs need to be founded. Instead Of working against each other and focus on winning matches, focus must be on growth on number Of players, and have lokal clubs Can help each other.

If Floorball wants to be an international sport aiming for the Olympic summergames, then this will be an important task.

In 2003, we were 200.000 players Worldwide, so it took Floorball 11 years to get 100.000 new players.

The good news, less than 40% Of those new 100.000 players, were from the Big Four, the rest of the IFF Nations was behind the rest of the growth.

How many year will it take to break 400.000 and 500.000 and the 1 million mark.

It all depends on the work at the grassroot level.


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